Hell and the afterlife

Heaven And Hell By Filicia Simon

In common usage, and divorced as much as possible from any religious connotations, most people probably think of heaven as paradise and hell as continual torment. Paradise might be a beautiful beach, a peaceful forest, a shining city in the clouds or just a state of mind. Hell might be fire and brimstone, it might be pain and suffering, it might be loneliness and isolation. In all these ways, heaven and hell are entirely subjective.


When I was younger and long before I had formally adopted Satanism as my personal philosophy, I used to joke that I would much rather go to hell than to heaven because all the people I liked the most would probably be there anyway and I’d rather spend an eternity in fornication than praising the ego of an entity that wants nothing more than servitude and adoration. With hindsight that was not a joke. It is what I believe and desire. The Christianised idea of Hell is so ingrained in western society that it is very hard to see or even hear the word Hell from another perspective. I have heard some Christians say Heaven is being in the presence of God, while hell is separation from God.


I partly agree. And therefore strongly desire to go to hell when I die. To put it another way; I want my separation from the Christian God to be as total and complete in the next life as it is in this life. Moreover I want to be in the company of like minded souls and continue to feel the presence and power of Satan in whatever form my existence takes.  As Satanists we dispute pretty much the whole world view of Christianity including it’s depiction of hell; and we reclaim the word giving it our own meaning. Hell therefore becomes our paradise, our spiritual home.


But really what is hell? Do all Satanists believe in it? Is it really where all Satanists will go?


My first comment may by now be quite predictable to regular readers; not all Satanists believe the same! A lot of Satanists are not only atheists but also quite scathing of the idea of any kind of supernatural phenomenon. A lot of them will believe that this life is all there is and that any talk of reward, punishment or progression beyond this life is nonsense. At the other extreme there are Satanists who believe Satan is a very real deity that exists and that they will live together with him, his demons and other Satanic souls in the spiritual realm of Hell for eternity. My own beliefs are somewhere in the middle of this spectrum.


I have always believed in reincarnation. I believe we have souls which contain our “essence” and that our souls are indeed immortal. I think that living in human (and perhaps other) bodies allows our souls to grow and learn from various experiences that are not possible in the spiritual realms. I fully admit these ideas owe a lot to Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and a whole mish-mash of New Age ideas; but they make sense and seem logical to me. Perhaps that is because the notion of learning and progression are also key concepts for me…


However, I do believe there is likely to be a stop-over point between lives; to re-charge, re-evaluate and internalise the lessons that each life teaches. I do not “know” but I think it is quite possible that during this stage we are surrounded by the souls of people and other entities or energies we are close to. Whether we call this place The Shadowlands, Nirvana, purgatory, heaven or hell depends on our perspective and our beliefs. I think we probably all experience a place that we feel comfortable in. The Christian “Heaven” would be an awful place for me. But my “sanctuary” might indeed be a depressing and terrifying place for any Christians or Muslims that stumbled in there.


There is really no proof for any of the above conjecturers; I am just one of eight billion people trying to imagine what might happen to us when we die.


Hell however from a modern satanic perspective is a little bit more concrete. Hell is separation from the Christian world view; hell is autonomy and independence, hell is basking in the power and wisdom of Satan and/or satanic energy. Hell is where our souls meet and find acceptance. Hell is where we continue to grow, learn and develop. Hell may be where we rest when we die;


but it is also our permanent spiritual home. It is our sanctuary and our idea of paradise.



8 Comments on “Hell and the afterlife”

  1. Yea i doubt if there is much fornication in Heaven, unless one prefers choir boys. I would hope to be with all my previous girlfriends and enjoy their various “talents”. And in Hell you don’t have to ask for a light for your cigar or cigarette afterwards, lol. I too seem to think of reincarnation as logical and the right karmic recompense, if that exists, but i remain an agnostic about both. In Eastern thought they think there are various heavens and hells that are temporary, and you max out your credit card in the heavens or burn out your karma in the hells and then are reincarnated again into a human body where these same philosophical and religious questions will haunt us again and influence the choices we make.

  2. Although I do not identify as a Satanist, I can entirely relate to the sentiment you have expressed. When I escaped from the abusive Christian cult in which I’d grown up, I struggled alot with the fear of going to hell for leaving, until I realized that if the cult was indeed right, I would rather go to hell than worship the god that I had been taught to believe in. It was a liberating moment that allowed me to step away from my old indoctrination and choose what kind of deity I wanted to believe in. I don’t attempt to speculate about the afterlife anymore; although I have hopes. I appreciate your post.

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  4. My idea of heaven would be one where I could still fight. In general, do all the things that my alter ego (so to speak) would do. If anything, in my heaven I am my alter ego.

  5. ke says:

    What if you are wrong? Christians die with nothing to lose. Satanists face an eternity of damnation

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      If we are wrong we are wrong; but we have the courage to live according to what we believe. We do not waste the possibilities and opportunities that this life has to offer out of fear that a nasty, vengeful God is going to condemn us to an eternity of unpleasantness. As for Christians, if they are wrong (which we obviously think they are) they will find there is no heaven and hell, no eternal paradise, and that they could have experienced much more and done much more with their lives than they allowed themselves to.

  6. Jesus was apparently the embodiment of God? Like Criss Angel might be the embodiment of Satan? From the Satanic point of view there is only consciousness and it is eternal thereby expanding. Life & death continue the cycle of consciousness as we are reborn until we have come into full self realisation that the universe is within each one of us just as we are in the universe. If you cannot find god within you ,you will not find god without you. Spirits pretending to be god will deceive you just to control you. If you become a man at age 7 acording to Jewish
    religion but die faithless according to being of some other religious background you will burn for all eternity. How will any God justify this? Obviously the bible was written by man. If Satan is a Jinn made of a smokeless fire according to Islam then he is perfectly at home in his natural element & hell is heaven. Put away childishness and live your life fully.

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