Satanic Responsibility (2)

A popular misconception about Satanists and others who take a Left Hand Path is that we don’t care about anyone or anything except ourselves; or that we are incapable of being kind or putting the needs of others above our own. This is not true.

We start with ourselves and work out from there in a way that is logical and can be beneficial to a much wider community.

Our first responsibility is to keep ourselves alive. Surely this as an important responsibility for all people, not only Satanists. We should take steps to stay healthy and protect ourselves. Yes, it is self first and there is a logical reason for that…  Have you ever flown on a plane? If so you will know that during the safety demonstration at the beginning of the flight there is a section about how to put on the oxygen masks if the cabin pressure system fails. They always say “Please ensure you have fitted your own mask securely before attempting to help anybody else.” Why? Because if you become unconscious or die you will be no help to anybody else including your own children. Moreover you might impede other people’s exit from the plane in an emergency.

When you are alive and well, you are more use to others and less of a drain on society. So Satanic responsibility to self is a huge advantage to the wider community. As Satanists we should do what we can to be fit and healthy. This gives s the ability to do and achieve more and become all we are capable of being. For this reason it is good to eat well, take regular exercise, avoid too many  unnecessary risks, perhaps also learn self defence and take other precautions to protect ourselves so that we are not totally reliant on others. Again this has benefits for the wider community.

Yet as Satanists we also have another responsibility to ourselves which is to live fully and enjoy life. We are certainly not puritans, we have no taboos about having fun and pleasuring ourselves as much as possible. Other religions may spurn such things but not ours; we celebrate and indulge in our pleasures. And this means some compromises. Most enjoyable things whether they be climbing a mountain or taking a hit off a bong are not without risk… As Satanists we must use our brain and make choices about our lives, balancing our responsibility to stay healthy with our responsibility to celebrate life. Yes, balance. Some people may be surprised at how important balance can be to we Satanists.

I keep myself as fit and healthy as I can. I have a good, healthy diet and take a lot of exercise but I do drink alcohol, I do smoke cigarettes and I do other things which have risks associated with them… Moderation and balance are key. And as individual Satanists we take the responsibility for moderating our lives.

Imagine a society full of healthier than average people, enjoying their lives guilt free without bothering or depending much on other people… It’s a terrible thing this evil Satanic plot, isn’t it??  😉

I have several satanic friends and acquaintances who are parents, and prouder, more protective mothers and fathers would be hard to find. Satanic parents certainly protect their own (as I am sure 95% of parents of any religion do). But parenthood brings with it new responsibilities and a new concern for the future that Satanists care about as deeply as anybody else. We want our children to live in a world where they can be safe and happy. Sure we will teach them how to look after themselves, but we also want to ensure they have a world which is fit to live in.

So while our responsibility may begin with ourselves, logic dictates that we have to care about the wider community we live in. We have to care about the environment. We have to care about the power and politics within our society.  We have to care about the world we and our children can live in and thrive in. In short we have to live responsibly all the time. We have to think and make good decisions about all things that can affect us now and in the future. We have to engage with society responsibly and productively.

I could have begun that last paragraph with one subtle difference which would have been equally true. So while our responsibility may begin with ourselves, love dictates that we have to care…

Oh yes, love is just as important to us as it is to everyone else. But that will be the subject of another post…


4 Comments on “Satanic Responsibility (2)”

  1. missytree says:

    Awesome post, thanks Cassie

  2. Cassie – you are a great spokeswoman for a more modern understanding of this movement, clearing out the religious misconceptions from all sides and making it more humanistic. I am putting in my vote to elect you Pope, or rather Mistress, of Satanism. 🙂

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