Who/What is The Devil?

Sometimes it is nice to have a writing prompt. Tilda at Swift Expressions frequently publishes such prompts within her own blog, and in that context she recently asked; ” What are your views on the Devil? Is he real, and why do you believe that? And if you do believe that the Devil exists, what do you think he (or she) looks like? Tilda then came over here and specifically asked for my input. She is a prolific blogger and has a keen and open mind. She has asked me questions about my beliefs before and I believe she is prompted by genuine and honest curiosity. It is therefore a pleasure to answer this question and it is possibly one of the few responses she will get from an actual Satanist.

What are your views on the Devil?

Simple question; long and complicated answer! The name or title of Devil is so loaded with other people’s meanings it is difficult to know where to begin. I shall try to give an answer which owes as little as possible to other people’s interpretations. I seldom refer to Satan as The Devil, but perhaps “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” To me Satan is the male aspect of divinity I feel closest to. I personally associate him with traditions derived from both with Satan and Lucifer. I also see him as the archetype behind most if not all the manifestations of the Pagan “Horned God”. I see him very much as a force of nature, a God of the Earth, THE God of the Earth. While some religions seem to spurn anything “Earthly” I celebrate it, and He represents the natural wonder and beauty of the Earth; it’s power, it’s magic, it’s ways and it’s rhythms. His is a very male energy who shows man as another animal; part of nature not separate from it. I also see him as a liberator; an entity who encourages us to become all we can be. To me that is perhaps the one truth the Christian bible has; I can’t interpret the story of the expulsion from Eden in any other way. Satan “corrupted” Eve and then Adam not with evil but with knowledge which could enable them potentially to become like gods. The Christian God wanted to keep Adam and Eve as mindless tame pets forever under his control. Satan urges us to learn, to study, to do, to experience, to grow and to full-fill our whole potential. I respect and indeed love “The Devil” for unselfishly leading us out of mindless slavery and onto a path of self discovery which could ultimately make us as a species equal to any god.

To me the Devil also represents abandoning all inherited dogmas and ethical systems and using our own will, our own mind, coming to our own conclusions and making our own moral judgements. Of course that also means taking responsibility for the things we do and the decisions we take. We are free to indulge in whatever we wish but we are obliged to think things through and take the consequences for our own actions.

 Is he real, and why do you believe that?And if you do believe that the Devil exists, what do you think he (or she) looks like?

I believe he is real because I have felt his presence and sheer power in my life. But I don’t believe he is a little red man with horns with nothing better to do than lead good people into bad ways. I don’t believe he is evil. I don’t believe it is always helpful to refer to him as a person at all, it is just part of our natural  anthropomorphic tendency to visualise and understand things in human terms. I think Satan is probably more a force of energy, an intelligent entity that doesn’t need a physical form but can utilise one when necessary. I am open to the possibility that Satan is in many ways an aspect of our own psyche that is often repressed. He is my God but I am somewhat ambivalent about what the nature of God actually is.  Leader… Inspiration… Mentor… Connection to the Earth… Connection to the universe… Connection to things in realms and dimensions we don’t yet have words for… Yet also connection to our deeper selves…

Therefore I believe Satan can look however he chooses to look. Nevertheless, it is helpful for us to be able to visualise him as something. I like the image of the wild “Horned God; very manly, very animalistic and very at home in nature. The horns are very symbolic of power, authority and, yes, the other thing! 😉 In prayer and meditation I might focus on an image like this…


Or something more symbolic like this…

Satan Is To Me

But I’m not adverse to a bit of Tim Curry either!

Newbie Or Not Newbie?

You can find Tilda’s original question (no4 of one of her weekly writing prompts) here.


7 Comments on “Who/What is The Devil?”

  1. tfaswift says:

    Hi Cassie and thank you so much for answering this question. I do indeed ask out of genuine and respectful interest in your belief system. I have never known a Satanist before and you are very thoughtful and clearly well-read in this and many other subjects, so I do appreciate your insights.

    Well that was a very interesting answer indeed! I promised not to re-blog anything from the Weekly Lite Prompts (I think some people are not comfortable with that) but I will have to tell Tasha to come and check this out. She’s very interested in all these things as well.

    I find it interesting that you chose the Garden of Eden as your starting point, and you certainly present a perspective that I have never heard before. I shall definitely remember this. I also find it interesting the way you consider that he might be a form of energy, and also that he may represent a connection to both higher realms and something deep within our unconscious.

    That is fascinating because I’m currently reading about energy forces and also exploring spiritual psychology which recognises the importance of exploring the deepest darkest corners of our psyche (and accepting them) as well as trying to make a connection with levels of existence which are higher than ourselves. I think there must always be balance and we cannot exclude one or the other.

    I did LOL when I read: “I don’t believe he is a little red man with horns with nothing better to do than lead good people into bad ways.”! In the same way, I don’t imagine God as a little old man sitting on a throne in the clouds! That is a very fine looking statue of (what I think is) the Horned God of Nature? Marvellous statue; very manly and virile looking indeed.

    You know, I’ll tell you something which I have already told a few people so I figure it’s not a secret anymore. I had a dream some years back that I was standing in front of a mountain, and suddenly the earth started shaking. The mountain split open and a huge, magnificent bull came charging out. He was simply breathtaking, like no “real” animal I have ever seen. He them came charging over to me and we made love. Yes, me and the bull. I have kept that dream a secret for a long time until recently when I told a couple of people at my ET Workshop.

    So the cat’s out of the bag anyway. There you go. I can imagine your interpretation of that! LOL. In the dream I felt (and still do) that it was “an honour” that this bull had “chosen” me. I didn’t get the feeling that he was evil at all, and I didn’t think of him as Satan. I felt like he was a magnificent and powerful aspect of nature, and there was nothing strange about it at all in the dream. Upon waking I was rather surprised, but I could sense that he was a positive symbol. Of what, I’m not sure, but he seemed like a powerful and noble force.

    So that part of you which loves nature in its powerful and masculine aspect … I can understand that. Thank you for answering my question; it’s always a pleasure to read your interesting posts.

    • Cassie says:

      I am desperately in need of my bed Tilda so I can’t give a very long reply but needless to say I found your comment fascinating and enlightening! Sweet dreams! 😉

  2. Very interesting post, I enjoyed reading it!

  3. Yes for me also Satan fits into the big picture of the Horned God. There is the more peaceful yet powerful form of Kernunnos, and the playful rutting form of Pan, and the more raw and horny aspect of Satan. And i admire Lucifer as the First Rebel against us being raised as farm animals in Jehovah’s kingdom. I also like how certain sects of Vodoun have Exu, who is not really evil, just playful and dangerous in many ways, yet a good god friend to have. They allow him to be the god of this world in balance with the celestial gods. Maybe that white God on his throne in heaven has a big secret hidden under his robes, and that is what “fell”, and he has been pissed off ever since 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge and commented:
    I like Cassie’s balanced view of who/what “the Devil” or “Satan” is in her magickal practices. I myself view him also as just another aspect of the Horned God, though a little more raw and horny. I think of him as the Rebel as in his role as Lucifer who was a Watcher that taught humans how to gain knowledge and not just be sheep in Jehovah’s barnyard. And i like his Vodoun form as Exu/Eshu who is the redder form of the blacker Ghede or grey form of Legba. I enjoy her writings, and her other blog is at http://justcassie.wordpress.com/

  5. Thanks for sharing this Cassie. I don’t think I’ve come across any satanist bloggers (have I got this correct?) before. Unlike yourself and Blau I’ve never associated Satan with the horned god. I’ve always seen the Christian God, Jesus, Satan and the angels as a completely different set of deities altogether and I personally can’t make the connection between Lucifer / Satan as divine rebel / subtle voice of knowledge and key to inner awakening as connected to any of the earthy male fertillity deities within paganism. But then relationships to the divine are very personal. Plus I’ve never met Satan so how would I know?!

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