Easter and The Satanist


I have been debating with myself whether to mention anything about the fact that we are approaching the holiest time of year for Christians; Easter. In many ways I feel that Satanists obsess far too much about Christianity and in doing so we paint ourselves into a box; a box that suits Christian apologists better than it suits us.

Around the world millions of people will be getting ready to mark the period between what they call Good Friday and Easter Sunday with special devotions and celebrations. A lot of these people will be good, well meaning people whose Christian affiliation gives them meaning and direction.  I have nothing against such people. Some of them will pray to Jesus or to Mary and to be honest, although I don’t think those characters really existed, I have nothing much against them either. I always rather liked the nativity story and as I grew older and more widely read I realised it is a myth that is probably derived from more ancient traditions. Many elements of the Easter story probably have similar pagan origins. I was always fascinated by the person of Mary Magdalene and the alternative depictions of her and other biblical characters in the gnostic gospels. I find it rather sad that there may be truths latent in some Christian writings that could be quite enlightening.

And yet in ritual I have myself enacted dramas and used implements and imagery which both mock and challenge Christianity…

My gripe with Christianity is with the remote and yet all powerful institution of the Church itself, corrupt, vicious and often depraved. The thought police of George Orwell’s 1984 were like alter-boys in comparison to the way the Bishops have successfully sought to control people’s thoughts, beliefs and attitudes for 2000 years. Those whose integrity and intelligence lead them to question church doctrines or methods, were branded as heretics and often put to death in ways that would make the directors of modern slasher films grimace.  During the Crusades the Church literally went to bloody war with non believers butchering all those who would not convert and many who did. When the church discovered the new world of South America they brutally decimated local cultures as well as spreading disease. And for those of us who practice magic (or any woman who annoyed the church by her knowledge or mere presence) there have been repeated episodes of  witch massacres. If all that were not enough, in more recent times (and probably historically too) the church has hidden and defended the paedophiles within it’s ranks and exposed young boys and girls to horrific exploitation.


So I make no apology for standing up against the tyranny of the Christian Church, for identifying with and worshipping their arch enemy whose only crime was offering humanity freedom.  Whether seen as a living entity, or as a symbol or even as an aspect of our own aspiration, I am fully on Satan’s side. But I don’t think we should limit our religion, our philosophy to being just something that opposes the evils of the Christian authorities. Nor should we allow ourselves to be described in the language that suits the Christian authorities. We are not depraved people who desire and worship evil; we are intelligent people who desire autonomy of thought and liberation from false gods and authorities.

There will be some good and intelligent Christian people marking Easter this weekend. I wish them well. I also hope and pray that if and when they begin to question things within their religious structure they will have the courage to go where their convictions take them.

Before I became a Satanist I was very much a pagan and in many ways I hope and feel I still am. So for me Easter is really Oestara. Oestara or the Spring Equinox is a fertility festival which symbolises the renewal of fertility on the earth and in our spiritual lives.There are many possible roots of Oestara in different pantheons and  parts of the world but it is certainly the Pagan festival that the Christian Easter replaced or is derived from.  Oestara gives us the name oestrus and oestragen, the female reproductive hormone. It is a time when we seek balance in our lives and accept ourselves for who we are, not just the good points and traits but also those we see as bad points and traits. I find these ideas grounded in the blood of our bodies and the soil of the Earth still resonate very strongly with me.

I think as Satanists we should take wisdom from where-ever we find it and seek to move forward creating our own religion and philosophy. We should not limit ourselves to Christian paradigms but welcome people and ideas from around the world who seek what we seek; truth, freedom and the ability to reach our full potential as human beings.

So may all who seek them find renewal and fertility in all their forms during this season.


5 Comments on “Easter and The Satanist”

  1. 830nikh says:

    HOW MUCH WILL I wanted to be with you, hear your voice and feel your breath smells. I really like the way that speaks to many themmata.

  2. As i have commented before, it is always best to look forward making your own path rather than looking backwards pushing against something. You may enjoy the text and even writings in this Metal Gaia blog regarding one formerly satanic black metal group moving into Viking metal for the same reasons. http://metal-gaia.com/2013/02/19/quorthon-bathory-and-pagan-metal/

  3. tfaswift says:

    Very interesting post. Yes, I have often cited the Crusades to Christians who seek to brand all Muslims as evil due to some extremists. The Christians have historically had much blood on their own hands, and now with the Catholic Church and the child abuse, so much more. There are good and bad people everywhere; I think we can’t judge anyone by their spiritual beliefs but rather by their actions.

    That is most interesting about the Pagan connection to Easter. I never really looked into it, but I have often thought that there *must* be a significant Pagan influence. I mean, it’s a lunar festival. And how do the eggs and Easter bunny and chicks connect to Jesus? Perhaps that Oestara (estrogen) festival has something to do with the “egg” symbol that is so integral to Easter. Chicks are for Spring, maybe? I have no idea about the bunny.

    • I think the bunny is from the ‘playboy bunny’… the ultimate symbol of femininity. (Joke. I have no idea 🙂 But you’re right about the egg / fertility thing though)

      Very interesting post Cassie…

  4. I got nothing against Jesus, if he existed at all. We really know nothing about him, all we have is some highly distorted accounts written many years after his death by people with a certain agenda. If he existed, he could have been a great guy, he could have been a total asshole, we don’t know, and we probably never will. How can I hate a guy I don’t even know?

    But, here in Sydney, Australia, today all the big shops are shut. Because it is illegal for them to be open on Good Friday. Why is the government making rules like that? A lot of the population are not Christian, not all Christians have Good Friday today (the Eastern churches have Easter a few weeks later this year), and I don’t know where in the Bible it says anything about keeping shops shut either. Last night, going to the shops, they were totally packed, because everyone was scrambling to get their shopping done; it was a right royal pain, concocted out of government subservience to a dying faith. I’m sure Satan is happy for shops to open whenever they damn please.

    Given my Catholic upbringing told me today I’m not supposed to have any fun, I drank a couple of decent bottles of red wine, and ate lots of red meat. I feel Satan is pleased.

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