I tend not to write much about my magical practices as a witch and a satanist but I do use fetishes and found this article to be a simple but elegant description of their construction and use. I look forward to the second part.

Ravemore's Notes

A “Fetish” is a receptacle crafted for the purpose of storing energy or power that will be put to some specific purpose at a later time. Some arcane workings can require more energy than a single witch can muster, either because the practitioner is inexperienced, or the scope of the rite is simply too great for one witch alone to maintain. These greater rituals or spell castings will either require the assistance of other witches working in concert, the aid of Lesser Powers, or the tapping of energy reserves stored in a Fetish. Fetishes allow witches to extend themselves further and direct more power with their will.

When constructing a Fetish, it should be noted that the form it takes can vary immensely from witch to witch. It should incorporate a piece of you as a practitioner… and the path you walk. It is equally beneficial to create one that…

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