A New Satanic Era?

dark flame

In my general blog I recently rebloged the following post by Sect OF The Horned God which I highly recommend. http://sectofthehornedgod.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/welcome-to-the-new-era/

Has Satanism entered a new era? I certainly feel as if it has. I must admit I have encountered some hostility and opposition from a few Satanists who have proclaimed themselves as such for far longer than me and who take exception to some of the views I project. They seem quite annoyed that an upstart like me should question or criticise any aspects of the satanic lifestyle they have cultivated over many years. It is as if they fear being shaken out of their dark and comfortable little corners. Well, I offer no apologies;  the times they are a changing…

I will admit that it probably took far too long for me to fully accept and embrace my Satanism and perhaps as a result in an attempt to make up for lost time, it’s as if I am on a mission… What is for sure is that I am Satanic to the core of my being. It is equally sure that I am not what many people including some fellow Satanists expect a Satanist to be. Reassuringly however, I am not alone. I am more and more aware that the dark flame has been burning in many of us for quite a while; and we are beginning to shine.

The from of Satanism that burst upon the world thanks to Anton LaVey was full of psycho-drama and provocation. It was a wake up call to many; an impetus to question conventions and authority, to ditch the conventions of the past and to assert the individual’s power and responsibility. It confronted Christianity itself, the bedrock of western civilisation and morality, and turned things on their head. The arch enemy of Christianity became our hero, our liberator;- not because he was really evil but because he questioned the status quo and championed our own human potential.

There is much within the accumulated ritual, drama and philosophy of that Satanism that can still be very useful. But there are some things which have grown stale or which are no longer appropriate. Many of us have been living our own independent lives for some time. The norms and hypocrisies of the Christianised west are not, and may never have been, particularly significant to our lifestyles. We are done rebelling, we want to live our own lives positively and productively.

A new era of Satanism offers those of us who are naturally inclined to left hand thinking the possibility to fully develop our potential. Perhaps we are the New Agers or Indigo Children of the Left Hand Path. Whatever… Some Satanic orthodoxy (an oxymoron if ever there was one) has got to go. Some symbols and imagery may have to change. And most importantly our philosophy has to develop and grow; unrestrained by the heroes and trail-blazers of our past.

The real taboos are closest to home.

Let the blasphemy begin.


8 Comments on “A New Satanic Era?”

  1. Rebellion is the spark of change, and history is full of examples that turned out to be progressive. Luther rebelled against the Catholic church. The French and American revolutions rebelled against their oppressors. LaVey Satanism is definitely a rebellion against the god, philosophy, morality and slavery of Christianity. As teenagers we all rebel against our parents and the mindset of their generation. But rebellion is kinda like walking backwards and pushing away against something. We cannot walk backwards forever because we need to turn around and instead start walking Towards something that is our new ideal. As Luciferians then Satanists of whatever theo or non theology need to look forward Towards the Star in the East instead of looking and acting like an Ozzie Osbourne groupie.

  2. I totally agree with your assessment of our changing (and exciting) topography of the Satanic landscape. These are indeed wonderful times! I have witnessed what I believe are growing “pangs” associated with a “new birth” of Satanism; the truth that can no longer be constrained. I am delighted to read your intelligent, heart-felt expression of the Satanic Arts.

    Satanists are slowly breaking the yoke of social stereotype, unsubstantiated xtian lies and traitorous ignis fatuus used by con-artists as a tool to rape the soul of those searching for “truth”.

  3. Reblogged this on Aleister Nacht's Satanic Magic Blog and commented:
    A wonderful post by Cassie………

  4. Alex Jones says:

    Nobody has a monopoly on truth. I wrote as much here:

  5. Terry says:

    I found your blog through earth song forums and I have to admit I came here a bit skeptical. A curious skeptic. I am a Satanist. Have been for as long as I can remember and I do consider myself of what you call the ‘LaVeyan’ brand but I have read books by Ford, Nacht and even books on Witchcraft because i was raised in that and I do not wish to limit my thinking even though I am sure it would be looked down on if I was a member of The Church of Satan which I am clearly not.

    I…..am torn…I can see your valid point and do really (even though I am a man) consider myself a Satanic Witch with a new vision of what my path should be about, I see certain old ideas that need to be made new again or done away with completely, I too am a writer so perhaps I will write about these ideas, I used to have a blog but I lost my mom last year and just stopped writing!

    At the same time I have it in my head that there is one form of Satanism (LaVey) and all other forms are wannabees. Fakes. Oh Yes, I have gained much wisdom from other forms of satanic thought, websites and books but only to educate myself further.

    At any rate I have more to think about now and I love to ask questions and explore, I am a true philosopher in this regard, I will stay and read more, and I plan to read every back post so dont be surprised if I post on some older posts and share my thoughts!

    Thanks Cassie!

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