Birthday Indulgance

 Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence

Sophie and I met In Vienna and my birthday began

The rest of the weekend went by in a haze of drink, dope, dancing, fetish clubs and of course…





I felt transported to another realm…

And that feeling continued when I returned to the UK and joined my coven for an intense ritual to celebrate my birthday….



Some people looking in might worry that I have given myself over to too much self indulgence; that with sex, drugs and partying, Satan is leading me into dangerous waters in which I might lose myself. Or that I am trivialising Satanism by concentrating on the froth instead of the substance. Hopefully that is not the case. A few days of self indulgence can do a person good. I feel rejuvenated and re-tuned… But I am very much back to reality.My relationship with my beautiful girlfriend is closer than ever. I am secure with what I believe and where I am in life. The bonds with my coven-mates have been strengthened. All these things are certainly worth celebrating and constitute fundamental aspects of my satanic philosophy and lifestyle.

But Satan requires much more. Satan requires us to be whole people and deal with the everyday realities of life which will not always be fun and parties. We have to show people that Satanism is not all sex, blood and gore. It is not just about criticising or mocking Christianity. It’s not about being too cool for school. Focusing on the self does not mean ignoring the rest of the world. Satanism should not be reduced to being a way to intimidate others. Our witchcraft is not something that should be used lightly or to settle trivial scores. Yes we may challenge taboos and conventions and yes we are the authors of our own values and morals. But our lives should be inspirational. We should engender respect and admiration. People should see us as happy and positive people who deal with real life effectively.

That is what my week of self indulgence has taught me.


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