There is no God

There is no God; at least not in the commonly understood meaning of the word.

Satanism can brutal; it does not allow for pipe dreams or superstition. It does not allow for self deceit or comfort blankets. It strips yourself and the world naked and forces you to take a long hard look at things as they are, without any sugar coating. For some that is too much to ask; for me I will admit it is sometimes a struggle…

The question of deity is something I have found challenging. Within Satanism there are broadly two schools of thought about deity. The first is a strictly Atheistic stance in which the only real form of deity (if that word can be used at all) is The Self. The other main branch (which I have always identified with) does allow for deity and views Satan and perhaps other archetypes as actual entities that can be worshipped and engaged with in other ways.

I always felt that I was guided towards Satanism by the “person” of Satan himself. I pray to him as an entity and since joining a Satanic coven I have engaged with him ever more regularly and closely in ritual and magic. I think of “Him” as person, a friend, a guide, a tough task master, a teacher, a mentor and yes, a God. I have felt the changes he has wrought in me. I have felt his presence. And yet I also feel him challenging me to question the very concept of deity… Of Himself.

For a long time I have also held the Egyptian deity, Hathor close to my heart. I think of her sometimes as a sister, a mother, a friend, a guide and a Goddess. She is real to me as a person.

But I am being forced to confront the reality that neither Satan, nor Hathor are Gods in the normally accepted way of thinking about such things. Indeed there is no God. There are no Gods.

But it does depend on what you mean by God in the first place. I don’t think I ever believed in the Abrahamic concept of God; an authoritarian creator/master of the universe who sits in judgement of all lesser mortals. As a polytheistic pagan however I have believed in “The Gods” which to me are archetypes or facets of the creative nature of the universe itself who appear to us as personalities because that is the easiest way for us to understand and engage with them. As a Satanist, reason and logic are forcing me to be more honest and rational about what that actually means.

I think to a very large degree the entities I describe as deities are aspects of my own persona and psyche. I suppose my views are similar to those of the psychologist Jung in so far s I understand his ideas. Satan and Hathor are a part of me , they are part of our collective unconsciousness. I personalise them and attribute them with certain things as a way of engaging with myself. They are complicated, multifaceted symbols of concepts I am drawn to explore and understand.

And for hard line atheist Satanists that would be enough; indeed it might mark the beginning of true self awareness. Yet I can’t help thinking there is something else. I think I am an atheist in so far as I reject both traditional and pagan concepts of Gods as external entities. However, I don’t reject the possibility that there is far more to the universe than science can presently explain. Often Satan and Hathor give me insights into things which it is very hard to believe were already aspects of my internal subconscious. Things which I never suspected and couldn’t have known… My sense of logic leads me to suspect that when we examine the universe from the deepest recesses of our psyche, we do in fact connect with the universe itself at a sub quantum level that we don’t fully understand and can’t adequately explain yet. I think what happens is that aspects of ourselves resonate with subtle universal energies and constants. I a sense we do touch the divine and through our practices, rituals and devotions we manifest it in our lives and in our world.

I have asked myself if the above explanation is a get out clause, an excuse I can use to justify belief in deity even tough logic tells me Satan and Hathor are not Gods in the most common sense of the word. A comfort blanket because I don’t want to put away my childish beliefs. Perhaps I am not the best person to judge. Perhaps things will become clearer over time. What I do know is that Satanic practice and philosophy is in itself the main driver of these questions. I must be honest before him even if that honesty brings into question his nature and his very existence.

The Dark Lord certainly moves in mysterious ways. Or perhaps my psyche does!


3 Comments on “There is no God”

  1. I think like you that my polytheism is interpreted from a Jungian approach, that i have made my gods in my image in my head, though i give them the faces of externally worshiped gods from various religions. But then there are probably praeterhuman beings one could call gods or aliens or angels, whatever. But they may just be egregores evoked and enlivened by human’s worship. I like the name Shaitan since it goes back to the Yezidi religion without bringing up the Judeo-Christian negativity of the name Satan, though Islam uses Satan also, seeing him as a mighty dJinn. I think personally my relationship is like the Vodoun practitioner with Exu.

  2. For me, your posts are always a “breaths of fresh air” in a cold, dank, damp, subterranean mineshaft. Those who should know better continue to murder the Canaries; knowing well their toxic theological bull$hit is slowly killing everything and everyone.

    Once again, a wonderful and enlightening post that almost “begs” for in-depth future discussions!!

  3. Wonderful article. I enjoy your posts and look forward for many more to come. Satanic Blessings

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