The Ugly Side Of Satanism

I want soon to write a post about the beauty of Satanism because to me that is one of the adjectives that best describes it. However in order to clear the decks, I think it is first necessary to acknowledge that Satanism does have an ugly side. Probably all religions have an ugly side, but we need to be honest and upfront about the bad things within our chosen faith in order to show others that there is far more depth to our beliefs than the creeps who generate the headlines. Indeed we have nothing to do with the creeps who generate the headlines and bring Satanism into disrepute.

There are bad and corrupt people in all religions; in Satanism I think such people fall into three main categories. The first category are what I would call “Hollywoodesque Reverse Christians.” These are people who actually follow and maybe believe Christian doctrines but align themselves to Satan because they believe he is evil in every sense of the word and they want to do evil things. These type are relatively few in number but they are very good at grabbing headlines by doing perverse and evil things and giving the rest of us a bad name. They do things which the majority of all decent people including Satanists find disgusting and repulsive. We need to distance ourselves from these perverts.

The second category are perhaps more dangerous to those who are just starting out in Satanism or just enquiring into it. These are what I call “Unbalanced Satanic Manipulators.” Satanism is a religion or philosophy of  very effective self empowerment in which we are called to make our own subjective moral judgements. This does leave the door open to people who are on a personal power trip to manipulate other people for their own amusement. Some of them just like exercising the power which all Satanists cultivate, for the sake of it. Others are driven by a desire for sex, money or greater power. They look down on those who are weaker and/or less experienced than themselves and see such people as “fair game”. They will latch on to anybody but particularly those who are naive or psychologically vulnerable; and they can cause great harm. There are elements within our beliefs and practices which provide “excuses” for such people. I think we need to be honest and acknowledge that such people do exist within our ranks, we need to speak out against them and perhaps find ways to police ourselves a bit more than we presently do.

The third category go by the technical name of “idiots”. These are people who just think it is cool to call themselves Satanists without the remotest idea of the philosophy behind it and just go around being generally obnoxious to everybody. They don’t deserve any more space in my blog.

Everybody, especially those who are dealing with personal issues or those who are very new to Satanism, should beware of all the afore-mentioned types. I’d like to think those of us who are genuine may have a modicum of life experience and knowledge that sets us apart slightly. Most of us have seriously explored a number of other religions and philosophies before becoming Satanists. Most of us do not wear badges. Most of us do not seek to exploit others or place them in situations where they don’t feel comfortable.

If you are new to Satanism and somebody is making you uncomfortable, leading you where you don’t want to go, or requiring you to be submissive to them in any way; they are charlatans and you should get as far away from them as possible.



5 Comments on “The Ugly Side Of Satanism”

  1. Jack says:

    I know this is an older post but let me ask this…
    I have long considered myself a Satanist … I found it when I was 9 and I am 39 now.
    I have never had any doubts about it but in reading the above post I wonder.

    I have always been a master at lesser magic. I manipulate people to get what I want, I work in a field where I have to lie to people all of the time, I always say I am a con artist because what else can i say? I do not believe in my store where I sell metaphysical goods to those that are too stupid to know better.

    Anton LaVey wrote in the Satanic Witch an entire chapter on working as a palm reader and how to scam people who believed in such things and I have always thought that it was what i did.

    I also do things for people, show them they are important to me (when they are not) because I know that they will do nice things for me, I snuggle up to those in power and show them my value knowing that when the time comes for me to move up into a position of power, I will be the first person they look at.

    I do get a glee though when this happens, when a woman comes into the store and buys a bag of JuJu for $300 (a bag of Voodoo magical stuff, herbs, bones, oils, etc mixed into a bag for protection or..whatever) Knowing that I ‘pulled one over’ on her.

    I know several Satanists who work as psychics as well being that i am in this same field and they see it as lesser magic.

    Am I / Have I been wrong about this?

    It seems from this post that I fit into #2. Though I would not say I am unbalanced, I follow the religion in every other sense and have never broken the law or anything to that.

    • Cassie says:

      Hi Jack. You raise a really interesting and important question about the borderline between the constructive use of lesser magic to further your self interest (which I am all in favour of and use myself) and the point where such activity becomes obnoxious, exploitative and abuseive. I think it is a question which requires more thought so if you don’t mind I will use it as the basis of a longer post in the next week or two. To answer some of your points in a short form though… Firstly I’m in no position to judge your Satanism. We are all individualistic and I see no reason at all to doubt your Satanism. It is true that to some degree you fit into the second category I mention above, but to some degree I think all of us do. The question is, where do you draw the line? Personally I don’t think that EVERYONE is fair game for manipulation. For example I don’t think children should be manipulated in any way. I personally don’t think it is okay to manipulate those who are suffering through illness or poverty for my own personal gain especially if to do so would increase their suffering. However I would have no qualms about using lesser magic for personal gain at the expense of those who are wilfully stupid or ignorant. It is all very personal. My criticism in the post above is levelled more at the extreme end where vulnerable people can get badly hurt and where such things are exposed the rest of us are tarred with the same brush.

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