Cassie & Sophie NSFW

I follow a spiritual path. A lot of people say this but what does it mean? Define “Spiritual”. Define “Path”.

Spiritual is a word that is almost impossible to define in a way that is universally meaningful. Most people define it in their own subjective way. For some the word “spiritual” will always convey something positive. For some it will always have supernatural connotations which they may perceive as either good or bad. Others will always think of “spiritual” in a negative sense and may think of it as being something unreal, false or delusional.

For me “spiritual” means having an awareness of the deeper realities of the universe  and trying to understand and work with these realities in a practical way that makes life more fulfilling and perhaps more consequential. The deeper realities I speak of might be described best by quantum mechanics or sciences and mathematics yet to be discovered…

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