Black Devil Cigarettes

I usually smoke Marlboro or Camel Lights. A few months ago my girlfriend introduced me to Black Devil cigarettes; she thought it was funny with me being a Satanist and all… It turned out I liked them. They are quite strong but very smooth tasting and they have a chocolaty, vanilla after-taste which lingers for quite a while. I have also found that non smokers seem to like the aroma more than that of normal cigarettes. Outside of Austria and Switzerland they are quite difficult to get hold of so I don’t smoke them very often, but while I am working here I can indulge myself. Of course they are an acquired taste and not to everyone’s liking. It occurred to me today as I was lighting up in a Viennese cafe (there are still places in Austria where you can smoke indoors) that they symbolise my personal and spiritual beliefs in more than just the name.

I tend to think of myself as just a social smoker, but I suppose the truth is something more than that. I realised over the past few years that is rare to find a photograph of me in a social setting where I am not actually smoking or at least holding a cigarette. I have been smoking regularly since my late teens and I am one of those people who smokes because I enjoy it. I once had a boyfriend who had a smoking fetish and I think some of that rubbed off on me. I like being around smokers and (while it may be politically incorrect to admit it) I do sometimes find both men and women who smoke to be somehow more attractive or sexy.

Satanism is also something I have been interested in since my late teens and with hindsight it was always more than a passing interest and phase. It is something that I was always drawn to and this past year has been a process of accepting that fact. The philosophy is in my blood and in my soul and it is something that I quite simply like. I like being around and communicating with other Satanists and I do think it brings out a certain confidence in myself and the other Satanists I increasingly associate with.

Of course smoking is said to be an unhealthy vice and it would be foolish not to take the health warnings seriously. Nevertheless, I have always believed that as adults we should have the right to make our own responsible and informed lifestyle choices. If we eliminate all the choices that could potentially do us harm I think our lives would be incredibly dull, sterile and unproductive. We have to choose what risks to take and what to avoid. Some of us have a taste for things that others would find repellent. We choose how and when to indulge our tastes and when to exercise avoidance. We also have to take responsibility for the choices we make. We learn to be masters of ourselves. In essence, this is Satanism.

Satanism is an acquired taste and not to everyone’s liking. There are plenty of warnings against it and for some there is no doubt it could be unwise and unhealthy. But some of us will always be attracted to it’s taste and aroma. Some of us will choose to accept the advantages it has to offer despite whatever risks might be apparent to ourselves and others. You could perhaps try a few cigarettes and then decide to stop smoking (or at least stop smoking a particular brand). Equally you can investigate Satanism but decide it is not for you. After a while however smoking a particular brand can become normal. Some may call it an addiction. Some may call it a vice. You may call it those things yourself or you may just enjoy it and accept it as part of your persona, your identity. In the same way Satanic philosophy, ritual, magic and lifestyle can become a fundamental part of who you are.

Every cigarette you smoke is a choice. Every moment on the Satanic path is a choice. Perhaps it is true that it is more difficult to stop smoking the longer you continue and it may also be true that it is more difficult to stop being a Satanist the longer you continue on that path. But there is always choice.

I could decide to stop smoking altogether. Now. Tomorrow. Any-time.

I could opt for purity and zero risk. I could chose avoidance. I could strive for innocence.

But that is not my choice.

I choose the dusky taste and sensation of my Black Devils. I inhale deeply knowing the smoke will darken my organs and change my body chemistry. And I imbue Satan and Satanism knowing that it is altering me at a fundamental level. Not everyone will like the taste and smell of me as I choose to be.  But it is important that I do. And it is nice that my girlfriend does.

Satanism is choosing to be ourselves and being honest about who we are and what we want to be. It may not always be the way others would prefer us to be. It is not something that can be entered into lightly. But if you are going to smoke you might as well inhale or else why bother?

Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!  Satan represents vital existence.

It can be a big risk, but a satisfying one.



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