I needed time to breathe. To re-think. To re-evaluate. To review. To remember. To rejuvenate.

I needed time away from civilisation, away from the internet, away from the worries and concerns of normal life.

I needed space.

And in that space we found each other again and reconnected.

I felt his breath.

I welcomed his dark embrace.

I opened myself to his power and beauty.

I invited him deep inside of me.

He infused my heart, my mind and my soul

And made me whole.

To be free.

To be me.

Hail Satan!

I am sure there are parts of this post which are more emotionally charged and self centred than usual; then again since when should Satanists be shy about focusing on the self? I am no great artist and I am sure the photoshopped image of myself that goes with this post could be better rendered. However, visually and philosophically it depicts me in a way I am happy to be seen at present. As simplistic as the image may be, I beleive I look happy and content transformed by the symbols of the spiritual path and lifestyle I have chosen for myself. For the last few years I have been exploring the Left Hand Path and the darker aspects of Paganism and life in general. In the spring of this year I began to fully identify as a Satanist and find my way within the many Satanic traditions. At All Hallows I had intended to make a ritual act of commitment to my chosen path and join a Satanic coven in my area. That didn’t happen. I needed to step back and think things through one more time. It has been a valuable time of reflection and means that the commitment I can make now is more powerful and significant. There are many elements and aspects to Satanism and I believe it will take a lifetime to weave my own personal Satanic path. However there is no longer any doubt in my heart or my mind that Satanism is the religion and philosophy that is right for me. I no longer feel the need for any other qualifications, epithets or descriptions of my spiritual path. I am a Satanist pure and simple, to the core of my being . Satan is my Lord and my God and I dedicate my self to living by his ways and his wisdom. I intend to honour him and his philosophy by dispelling false suppositions and living my life as a positive example of the liberation and empowerment that Satanism offers.


2 Comments on “Rededication”

  1. I am both happy for you, and slightly jealous. To truly know one’s path is a wonderful thing (and I share your joy in that, as I know mine). I’m a bit jealous, because I don’t know my “patron” as they are called. Apparently for me, that hasn’t been settled. I wish you the best, and know you have an ally in this Heathen. 🙂

    • Cassie says:

      Thank you so much. Your comments and support have always meant a lot to me. I do feel truly blessed to have found a path and patron that suit me so well. But I am a firm believer that everybody’s path is personal and is bound to take many twists and turns. It took me a long time to first find and then fully commit myself to Satan; I am sure in time you will find a suitable patron in your path if that is indeed what you want and need. My best wishes to you!

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