Post Samhain Halloween

This is perhaps not quite the post I was expecting to write at this time. I had planned quite well the time leading up to Samhain and felt that it would be in several ways a point of further commitment to my chosen path. For one thing I had been invited to join a Satanic coven relatively locally. All Hallows was to be my formal induction into the group and I was looking forward to it. But it did not happen. As my mind became focused on the impending ritual I realized that there were elements of belief and practice within the group that I did not feel comfortable with. Probably not the parts that some might expect. It was about beliefs and attitudes more than anything and in particular the ways and style that their rituals depended largely on opposing and parodying Christian beliefs and rituals. I cannot fault or criticize other people for finding power in those elements of the drama in their outworking of the faith; but it leaves me cold. I left Christianity behind many years ago and will not have my path defined by references to it.

My path is personal and perhaps the last few weeks have made me realize that more. Nevertheless, it was with some sadness that I turned away from the group and the possible lessons and other advantages that would have been involved. However I have no doubt that I will keep in touch with some of them on a personal level and I have no doubt that this was the right decision for me at the moment.

In addition to all this there were practical problems at home that came to occupy my mind and frankly philosophical and spiritual issues were forced very much onto the back burner as I had to deal with other things.

I did however have my tattoo done and I am pleased with it. It added a certain something to my otherwise low key and private Samhain  ritual.

Sometimes I think when things do not go as planned or as expected we learn more than when they do.

Blessings of the season to all.


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