Confound expectations Defy stereotypes

In what way do you serve yourself, Satan or any external entity you believe in by falling neatly into the stereotypes society will label you with?

The internet seems to be full of Satanists, Dark Pagans and Left Hand Path’ers who seem to exemplify everything western society has been taught to expect of such people; being selfish, vain, short tempered, uncaring, mean, nasty perverted and sometimes really quite evil. If someone were to investigate Satanism through google they might get some valid information from wikkipedia but beyond that they would discover all kinds of unsavory characters posing as Satanists. I myself have come across some obvious perverts, quite a few people who use the Satanism tag to publicize sites which have nothing to do with Satanism, people who like their 3 minutes of inconsequential fame on youtube, far too many people who get their kicks by putting people down on forums, a few racists  and others who seem to be drunk, stoned or mentally ill at the time they were writing or speaking. In other words exactly the kind of broken down deluded and sick people that Christian preachers warned about!

Clearly none of this serves Satanism very well.

I am no expert and mine is not a blog that anybody should come to looking for historically correct factual information about the development of Satanic practice or belief. I don’t give spells or detailed accounts of ritual or magical workings. This is simply a blog in which I muse about the world from a Satanic perspective and muse about Satanism from the perspective of  of a woman living in the ordinary world. However in doing this I hope I am giving those who are genuinely interested a more positive and realistic perspective of Satanism and Satanic lifestyle; one that might indeed confound expectations and defy stereotypes.

I believe I am a committed Satanist, a Dark Pagan and that my spiritual direction is fundamentally left handed but I hope I don’t fit into the stereotypes of any of those descriptions. Yes, my path begins with myself and is focused on internal personal development but that does not mean that I am cruel or uncaring, hopefully most people find me kind and helpful. I work to accept and integrate the darker shadows of my personality in order to become a more whole and capable person, not to glorify the negative aspects of myself. I am drawn to a dark aesthetic because I see a beauty within it, however in general I am not dour or depressive; in fact I have a quite positive and sunny disposition. I honor Satan as a God not because he represents evil but because he represents independence, liberation and enlightenment.

I hope I am in many ways, more or less the opposite of what some Christians and Muslims suppose a Satanist would be. After all it is all too easy for them to criticize and oppose us if we conform to their idea of evil. In truth we oppose them because we do not agree with their hierarchical view of the world and humanity’s place in it. It isn’t about good and evil it is more about bondage and liberation.

I am not alone. You may have to wade through a lot of charlatans on any google search before you find real Satanists who defy expectations and challenge preconceptions, but we do exist.I think we serve ourselves and our god better when we don’t confirm other people’s expectations and fears. There are too many other people already doing that.



One Comment on “Confound expectations Defy stereotypes”

  1. Kent says:

    We think alike.

    If anyone thinks leaving xianity and becomes a Satanist, and then thinks all will be well, they will find that they were sadly mistaken,

    I know, because that is what happened to me. And that is not necessarily a Bad Thing. The way I see it, it forces one to be an individual and not just another one of the herd.

    It also pushes one to do the work needed, instead of useless talk and “fellowship” and the resultant waste of time (and aggravation!)

    Too many “satanists” have simply joined another herd, and it seems like everyone wants to be the “alpha” of that herd. It’s messed up and shows a complete lack of maturity.

    I like your blog. It’s bookmarked.

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