Approaching Samhain/All Hallows

I chose the above image as a background for this blog a few months ago. At the time I just liked it. I felt it had a meaning for me but could not explain exactly what it was. Now as I approach one of the most sacred times of the year, it’s meaning is clear and powerful to me. A woman (myself) kneels naked and unashamed bathing in the light of a dark sun (Lucifer/Satan). She feels the energy empowering her, she rises from the water of life refreshed and invigorated. She accepts the radiation of the dark sun into herself and becomes one with it. Her poise shows the new sense of balance she feels. She is now the center of the scene, the mistress of her own destiny and free to be fully herself.

Since I first became a witch in my late teens, Samhain has always been my favorite festival of the pagan year. Tradition states that it is the time of year when the veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinnest. It is a time of magic and deep mystery. I am sure that most of us who practice witchcraft and who study what is referred to as the occult feel something special at this time of the year. Maybe it is just the Autumn itself, the decay of last season’s leaves providing sustenance for life yet to come… The changing of the seasons… The coming of the cold and darker nights… Or maybe it really is a time when the spirits and the supernatural are more accessible and darker powers are in ascendance.

The fact that this will be the first Samhain since I fully embraced Satanism will make it extra special to me and I will celebrate with a ritual of confirmation and dedication to my path. I will also be getting a tattoo based on the sigil of Lucifer to mark the latest stage in my spiritual journey. I am getting it done next week so that it should have healed by the time of the ritual. I don’t do things like this without a lot of thought beforehand. I feel the Satanic elements of my path have renewed me and given a much greater dynamism to my spiritual and material life. Thus I am looking forward to this year’s Samhain with even more enthusiasm than normal and a much greater sense of purpose.


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