Although I am not atheistic I found this post refreshingly honest and quite moving. I think the conclusion has sound advice whatever religion or philosophy you are.

Mistress Babylon-Consort

‘Death is for the Living’. My years working in an E.R trauma center had me repeating this personal mantra many times over, often several times a day. But it was one that held my emotions in check, one that made the veneer of professionalism easier to carry amid the continuing rote of horror and tragedy that plagues any E.R department. And one that was validated time after time.

Though unspoken out of respect (and hospital policy!) for family and friends of a deceased patient, as far as I was concerned, death was the end. No heaven. No hell. No spiritual evolving, reincarnation or awaiting planets. It was finished. Anything more done for the dead would be a ritual the living encompassed in a cultural closure . But least I sound cold, the collective grief of those left behind are what tore at my heart strings: a mother beating on me…

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