Deity and the Satanist

This post was written in response to this post by MistressBabylonConsort; a blog I enjoy and respect. However as a Theistic Satanist I had to take issue with the idea that real Satanists can’t be theists. I think the crux of the matter is how you define things like theism and deity.

A lot of atheists seem stuck on the idea of God being some kind of judgemental super human who sits in the clouds needing worship and obedience. Such an idea of deity (while still popular in some quarters) is all to easy to criticise and indeed lampoon. I certainly don’t believe in any such thing and in fact find the idea ridiculous. However, I speak openly here about honouring, communing with and even worshipping a Goddess who is the product of ancient Egyptian mythology and a God who is probably best known as the bad guy of Christian tradition, the nemesis or enemy of the archetypal sky-daddy; or perhaps the Horned God of many “primitive” pagan traditions. So how is my view of deity any different from those views which I might ridicule myself?

In simple terms because I acknowledge that Satan and Hathor are archetypal symbols that mean something to me but they are not the whole or sum of deity.

Deity to me is a word for the unknown elements of nature, the universe, the multiverse. I believe (but cannot know in a scientific sense) that there are many forces at work in the reality we occupy which cannot be fully explained as yet but which do connect everything and may in a sense represent an intelligence and knowledge beyond our present understanding. And I believe it is possible to connect with that energy through nature itself, through concentration and will power and psychologically by connecting with archetypes that relate to us in some way. I am willing to believe that all magic, and all aspects of connection to deity are largely internal constructs; but that doesn’t make them any less powerful or meaningful. They may well be aspects of ourselves, indeed as a Satanist I think the concept of recognising deity within yourself (or at least it’s potential) is very important. Moreover I believe that through using these symbols and engaging in associated rituals we do indeed connect with something that present day science as yet cannot quantify or explain… Deity.

Deity may be DNA. Deity may be the Higgs Bosom. Deity Maybe Dark Energy or Dark Matter. Deity may be a million things that science does not yet have names for or knowledge of. It is all the mysterious science that makes our reality what it is.

Deity is not a sky-god; it is something much more beautiful and complicated. But it is something we only see through a glass darkly.

For me Satan and Hathor are channels that bring me closer to the greater mysteries. But I have to say I also find great wisdom in Pantheism and in the philosophy of The Tao. It does seem to me the closer we get to nature, whether through scientific method or esoteric experience, the closer we get to deity and the more fulfilled our lives seem to be.

So I don’t see Theism as being opposed to Satanism. Nor do I see belief in deity to be an anachronism. Theism can take many forms and I think some atheists mistakenly believe that all forms of theism are mind bogglingly simplistic.

I see theism as being as elegantly complicated as the universe itself.


3 Comments on “Deity and the Satanist”

  1. Beautifully written response, though we still come at it from different angles. I appreciate your understanding of mythology. But for me, that is all it remains, as such. Simply mythology. (That is not in any way to deny it’s importance on culture!) While the idea of an actual existence of any deity, if proven, holds a lure for me, I remain allegorical in my practice of ritual until such time. I more than appreciate your comment! Thank you!

  2. ladyimbrium says:

    Though I do not identify as a Satanist by any type, I find myself agreeing with much of what you say. I can only conclude that understanding knows few boundaries.

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