Satanism In The Future

It is interesting to speculate how Satanism might develop in the future. The following thoughts are a mixture of ideas about how I would like things to be mixed with what seems possible or likely at this moment.

I’d like to think that Satanism will become a more mainstream spiritual and philosophical movement. Since Christianity is in decline anyway I hope Satanism will be able to position itself as something entirely separate from Christianity or Christian associations. I hope it will be seen as a stand alone belief system based on self empowerment and fulfillment. It will always be a predominantly left hand path, but I hope that as it matures it will attract more people who are genuinely seeking personal and spiritual growth and less people who use it as an excuse for over indulgence and sociopathic selfishness.

I think like most religions there will be splinters and fractures. However I think there will always be broadly two forms of Satanism, theistic and atheistic. In the coming decades I can see atheistic Satanism a’la, Anton LaVey steadily gaining followers. This is because we are living in a scientific age in which atheism is a natural and logical view of the world. In other words Satanism offers a philosophy which compliments present trends in belief. It wouldn’t totally surprise me if that form of Satanism eventually adopted another name to free itself from any connection with deity or the negative Christian associations that go with the name. I could imagine this form of Satanism (by whichever name it becomes known) could be quite well organised and openly influential in world affairs.

I think those of us who are theistic Satanists may have a slightly more difficult time; partly because theism itself may be in decline and partly because we need to free ourselves of the associations with evil which repeated moral panics induce. I suppose there will always be a minority of Reverse Christians who will use our Lord’s name to do evil things. Therefore there is a huge responsibility on the rest of us to present Satan in a much more positive way; to address people’s fears and misconceptions and show that in our spiritual lives we work with a deity that is ancient, wise and good; a God who has always wanted humanity to reach it’s full potential. If we can do that then I think our form of Satanism may be seen as something entirely new or as another form of Paganism. (Paganism is growing rapidly and I think may become the umbrella religion of the next few centuries when the Abrahamic faiths decline).

I doubt that Theistic Satanism will become a dominant religion any time soon (I expect there will be a decline in all forms of organised religion). However I would like to believe that a time is coming where we don’t have to huddle in dark corners or enter into defensive conversations in order to explain what we are not. I hope that Satanists can be more open and will be much better understood and respected. When we are truly able to live and practice our religion without the dominant powers in society raising their collective eyebrows and accusing us of being evil or immoral, society itself will have reached a new level of enlightenment. Our Lord wants humanity to prosper and grow and I think we, and those who follow us, will become guiding lights. It is a big responsibility.


One Comment on “Satanism In The Future”

  1. Wendy from South Africa says:

    I am so glad that i chose you father Satan and you gave me a genuine Love than that xian fool who is full of hatred and his followers Hail Satan

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