I believe…

Beliefs evolve. Sometimes however it is good to try and codify exactly what you believe. It doesn’t mean that any beliefs are fixed for all time, but it does help to focus on where you are at and perhaps identify areas that need work or questions that need to be asked. So here is what I believe right now.


I have always believed in deity of some sort. I don’t pretend to know exactly what it is and I wouldn’t trust anybody who said that they did. I have always had an instinctive belief that there is an intelligence immanent in the universe and in ourselves. In general my view of deity is both pantheistic (God is inseparable from everything else) and polytheistic (there are many manifestations of God known to us as Gods). To me deity is a huge amorphous thing that cannot be quantified or contained but is always present in nature and is perhaps best understood by humanity through the manifestations we call Gods.

The Gods that I am closest to are Hathor and Satan. Hathor is the archetypal female Goddess; a maiden, mother and crone. She is earthy, nurturing, protective, sexual, magical and mystical. She embodies love in all it’s forms. Satan is for me the archetypal male deity. He is wise and powerful. As Lucifer he is the one who opens the gates of knowledge and wisdom. He is the Horned God of nature as revealed in many pagan traditions, he is a champion of rationalism and the enemy of anything that seeks to restrict the human spirit or human potential. Thus, Satan is also an aspect of ourselves and we are either potentially or actually divine.

My relationship with Hathor and Satan, like any relationship is constantly evolving, but I can say that I truly love them both with all my heart and I feel blessed to have their guiding and empowering presence in my life. In that context I honor and worship them through prayer, meditation, ritual and the way in which I live.


Although I don’t consider myself an atheist, I believe that atheism is a logical and courageous stance.


Life is sacred and is the most precious gift we have and I believe it is wise to live as fully as we can. But life is finite and fragile and we must find a balance between enjoying all the fruits  and adventures of living and keeping ourselves safe and healthy. We should also respect and revere the lives of others. The taking or wasting of any life is abhorrent and can only be justified if it is necessary to protect ourselves from harm or suffering.

The purpose of life is personal and spiritual growth leading to enlightenment.

The Earth.

The Earth is our home and we should look after it. It is in many respects a living organism in it’s own right and we should treat it with intelligent respect. Our world and our universe are expressions of deity and we should seek through all means to understand and work with it.

Morals and Ethics.

Each individual is the center of his or her world and the prism through which everything else is experienced, thus the good of  the”self” must always be the priority. However it is clear that the good of the self depends on a harmonious relationship with all other “selves” so we should strive for a society that functions on the basis of willing reciprocal altruism. We should treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves and we should not treat others in any way that we would not want to be treated. Each person is responsible for their own actions and should be free to live and express all aspects of life in their own way unless that infringes on the freedom of another. There are no perfect moral codes but I believe the Nine Satanic Statements are a good basis for living.

Science and Magic

Science and magic are two sides of the same coin. Both should be studied and practiced as much as possible in order to learn and grow and to become more enlightened and to achieve as much in life as possible.

Love and Balance

Love and balance are the two most important things in my own spiritual journey. I believe that when experienced or expressed Love and Balance bring us closer to perfection or divinity. They are equally important in a Left Hand path as in a Right Hand path. Where-ever there is a question about any other aspect of my belief, Love and Balance should be the arbiter.

Religion and Philosophy

I believe there is wisdom to be found in most religions and philosophies and where there is wisdom there should be acknowledgement and respect. However I oppose any ideas which limit or restrict individual liberty or humanity’s potential for gnosis and growth.


All prejudice is stupid and based on ignorance. It is one of the greatest sins and obstacles to personal growth.


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