Am I Satanic? Here are some definitions of the word Satanic. First from Collins English Dictionary;-

1. Of or relating to Satan

2. Supremely evil or wicked; diabolic

And from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language;-

1. Relating to or suggestive of Satan or evil.

2. Profoundly cruel or evil; fiendish.

There was a time when I would have hated the idea of the adjective “satanic” being used to describe me in any way. This is no longer the case, however I do have some problems with those dictionary definitions and the sociological constructs and suppositions behind them.

I don’t have such a problem in the first definition from both sources; “of or relating to Satan, relating to or suggestive of Satan or evil. Satan is my God and I hope and believe I am “of” him and that I do relate to him and suggest his true nature in all that I do. As for being evil, I don’t believe I am evil in any commonly understood interpretation of the word. However, I guess I have to accept that fundamentalists of certain religious persuasions will regard anything to do with Satan as evil, including me. I know who and what I am and I don’t really care how others judge me. Well, that’s not quite true; other people’s judgments (even if wrong) can have a significant impact on my life. Some degree of caution and diplomacy are required.
The second point in both definitions alludes to evil again. Am I supremely evil or wicked? I don’t believe so, but again it depends on whose idea of wicked we are talking about. If some believe that I am, that is their prerogative. Am I profoundly cruel? Certainly not and neither are most Satanists. There are of course cruel people in most religions; I am not one of them. Fiendish?  Well fiendish can mean clever and I do try to be that.  Diabolic? Again if it means “Satanic or Devilish in nature”, I certainly hope so. If it means extremely cruel, then no.

Language, just like history is not neutral. Often it is written by those with the most power at any given time. As an adjective in most dictionaries the word Satanic is defined according to the pervading social and moral norms of “Christianized” society. For that reason most definitions of Satanic are pejorative.  I am certainly Satanic. Unfortunately what that definition means to me may not be the commonly accepted and understood meaning.


2 Comments on “Satanic”

  1. I believe you have made a great point. Labels are created to clearly identify “the type of person” and thus, “categorize”. People do not fit neatly into one category however, humans like to be able to clearly distinguish themselves by pointing out the “differences” as opposed to the “similarities”.
    Satanists are complex people who can not be defined in such a limiting fashion.

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