Some people may be surprised to hear a Satanist talk about kindness. That is partly because Satanism is widely misunderstood and partly because some Satanists don’t seem to rate the concept very highly.

I was brought up to believe it was good to be kind for all sorts of reasons, the least of them being religious. Life and experience have reaffirmed to me that kindness is indeed a positive thing, it can open many doors, present many opportunities and generally helps life to run more smoothly and enjoyably. I always appreciate it when people are kind to me and therefore try to be kind whenever I can. I no longer believe in altruism in the generally understood meaning of the word because I think that any good we do ultimately benefits us in some way or other. However I don’t stop to ask how each act of kindness I perform will eventually benefit me, I just do it instinctively in the knowledge that in some way or form my life will be improved by doing so. Some people seem to need to feel that what they are doing is truly altruistic in order to validate their kindness. I don’t feel that way. In fact I think such a stance is rather hypocritical. But each to their own…

There are some limitations on my kindness. I have come to see the wisdom of the Satanic Statements which say;- Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates; and, Satan represents responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for psychic vampires! Personally I start out with an attitude of kindness towards people, but if they keep throwing it back in your face or if they abuse the kindness you show, then your kindness is serving no useful purpose. In fact you end up deluding your own ego and making it easier for the other person to avoid issues which clearly need addressing. I have been in those situations enough times to learn that lesson. Kindness, no matter how great or small is an exchange of energy. My energy is a precious resource and I know how bad I feel if I give too much without recuperating it somehow. I will give it as a gift to those who truly need or deserve it, but not to those who seek to abuse my generosity.

If you don’t waste it or allow it to be abused, kindness can be an incredibly positive and life enhancing force. Kindness creates friends and allies. Kindness solves problems. Kindness can win respect and equally importantly, can show respect when respect is due. |Kindness can create bonds that are long lasting. Kindness can help create a community that is easier and more pleasant to live in. While I don’t believe in the Christian concept of turning the other cheek, used cleverly, kindness towards one’s enemy can sometimes be a trump card that is far more effective than conflict. And of course, kindness makes it easier to bend people to your will and achieve what you want to achieve for yourself.

Some Satanists (or people who identify themselves as such) like to wear their dark, badass badges. They find it easy to frighten and intimidate people with their interpretation of Satanic lifestyle and values. And I guess that gives them their kicks. Kindness is probably not a word they would use very often or an attribute they would boast about. Their immaturity annoys me because a lot of people will understandably judge the whole of Satanism by their antics.

Satanism is about intelligence. It may take us a long time to overcome and override the attitudes and prejudices that society has generally been programmed to have about us, but it seems to me that if we Satanists are going to step up to the plate, kindness employed wisely may be one of our most useful attributes.


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