Satan Is To Me

All Satanism is very personal and all Satanists are (or should be) very individualistic. Herd mentality is something to be avoided (even within Satanism). My own views are very eclectic indeed and for my own benefit I want in this post to pull together some of the strands of my own Satanism and identify the various ways in which I see and relate to Satan.

1) The Pagan Perspective.

I still regard myself very much as a Pagan. To me Satan is, first and foremost ,the archetypal Horned God who manifests in many pagan traditions. He is the wild and primal Lord of the beasts, God of nature and the earth. He is untamed and passionate, instinctive and in tune with the natural world. He is the animal in us all, proud and dignified, driven by base emotions and instincts. The hunter, the gatherer, the provider to his own. He can be gentle and protective and he can also be fierce and brutal when necessary. Yet (perhaps controversially to some Satanists) in this aspect he is incomplete without his Lady; the Goddess. It is the Goddess he strives to win, to please, to fuck, to produce offspring with, to protect, to raise a family to maturity with. It is in combination with his Lady that he reaches his full majesty and potential. (in my own style of Satanism there is indeed a major role for the Goddess which I have written about in my post Satan and Hathor).

2) The Luciferian Perspective.

I don’t want to get into the debate about whether Lucifer is Satan or whether Luciferianism is part of, or completely separate from, Satanism. Nor have I come to any firm conclusions about the nature or history of Lucifer. (I’m not going to debate  spellings either!)  What I will say is that for me Satan/Lucifer is the bringer of enlightenment and wisdom. He encourages us to step out and learn for ourselves. He plants the seed of gnosis within us and inspires it’s growth. I don’t believe any part of the Christian bible to be literally true but I must say that in the myth of The Garden of Eden I find a powerful metaphor and it is the ground and basis on which I chose who’s side I was on. Do I want to worship a God who wants to keep me as a subservient pet, or do I instead follow the lead of a God who encourages me to grow and become all I can be. Yes, it may mean leaving paradise. It may mean loosing some or all of my innocence, but it gives me potential without limits. It gives me potential to learn and grow and become the author of of my own destiny. Indeed it gives me the possibility to eventually create my own paradise. So I choose absolutely and without reservation to eat the forbidden fruit and follow Satan out of the prison garden. I choose personal growth, knowledge and power and I thank Satan/Lucifer for the opportunity.

The Modern/Traditional Satanist perspectives.

Having abandoned all connections with Abrahamic beliefs and morals it has been useful to find an alternative framework of beliefs and ideas which hold Satan to be a positive, life enhancing and enlightening force. I admire and respect Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan for going out on a limb and giving people a new way to live and relate to Satan. Although his brand of Satanism is atheistic in the normal sense of the word (while I am not) I think there is huge psychological value in promoting the self as something that is important and worthy of praise and respect in it’s own right. I do believe self deification can be a worthy aspiration and I relate very well to the humanistic elements of modern Satanism. However, while I admire her obvious intelligence and originality of thought, I don’t particularly like or agree with the views of Ayn Rand whose ideas seem to permeate many aspects of modern Satanism. That said, I find much in it’s various forms  that challenge me in a positive way and force me to think critically and use my own moral compass.

So these are the main perspectives that inform my own personal and eclectic Satanism. I see Satan as a real entity, an archetype, a symbol and an aspect of myself. This gives me many ways in which to understand and connect with him. Within these aspects I also think of him as a teacher, mentor, guide and  friend.

What I do not see him as is evil. He is not the monster that various other religions have made him out to be; not at all. He offers enlightenment and freedom which is probably why he is perceived by some institutions as such a threat.


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