Newbie Or Not Newbie?

I came across a statement from another Satanist recently which rang very true for me. He said “I was a Satanist for about five years before I became a Satanist.”  I think I could say the same thing. Indeed perhaps I have been a Satanist for quite a while longer than five years.

In my younger teens I remember being impressed by the film Legend. I found Tim Curry quite fetching in his role as The Dark Lord and Mia Sara beautiful when she turned to the dark side. I probably based my own style on her during my goth years. I was actually quite disappointed and frustrated with the end of the film where Mia betrays Darkness and reverts back to being wet and virginal with the goodie-goodie Tom Cruise.

I always used to feel slightly ashamed of my attraction to the darker side of things because I suppose even I associated that with evil and evil is not what I am about. Hopefully that is the last time I need to state the obvious here. It is time to move on and go forward.

And yet of course in a sense I am a newbie. It is only in the last few months that I have fully accepted and embraced my Satanism. There is still much to learn and become familiar with. Newbies in all walks of life can be rather endearing but they can also become rather annoying. I hope I will be able to avoid the more annoying aspects of newbeism. This blog is a good place for me to blow off steam and share my excitement for my new interest and spiritual path. Nobody has to come here unless they choose to so here is a place where I can be gushing if the mood takes me and possibly make mistakes or show my ignorance without too much fear of making a fool of myself. Genuine  and respectful pointers from fellow Satanists will always be welcome though.

Perhaps I have been a Satanist in my heart, mind and soul for a long time but since committing myself to Satanism a few months back the ride has been quite dramatic. With His guidance and presence I have been aware of changes in my views and opinions, mostly subtle but sometimes more dramatic and I am very happy about the increased dynamism in my spiritual life. What has taken me a little more by surprise is that there have also been some slight physical changes (all good). I have read a little about this and found that it is not totally unusual. As a witch I understand it as a kind of glamour spell. I didn’t ask for it and wasn’t expecting it at all; but as a gift from my Lord it is gratefully received! Hail Satan!

There have of course been challenges too, but I am working through them. Indeed I will use this blog to work out my questions and give my own opinions on various aspects of Satanic philosophy and practice. Meanwhile I intend to read more and make more contacts in the Satanic community. Hopefully I have reached a point now where what I write in this blog will be more intelligent commentary and less newbie excitement.

My next entry here will probably be a discussion of the Left Hand Path.


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