The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Review)

Femme Diabolique

I haven’t done a film or TV review before, so why start here? Well because I have never seen another TV series in which the main character and heroine is a Satanic Witch…

To get a few things out of the way first… I will try to avoid spoilers but I will talk about the tone and characters of the series and that will include a few details of the storyline. Secondly, this series isn’t about real witchcraft or real Satanism but it comes close enough to offend some real witches and Satanists. Some Christians hate it because they think it “normalises” Satanism and doesn’t portray witchcraft, Satan or Satanism in an exclusively bad or dark way.

My perspective is that of an actual Satanic Witch (even still a teenager for one more year) and I haven’t seen any other reviews from that perspective. I want to look at the…

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Satanic altruism

I missed this when it was first published but in short and simple terms it says much that we agree with.

Summer Thunder

I’ve never been one for conforming to type. As a Pagan I didn’t really fit the whole “green grow the merry o” rural image. As an effective homosexual I cannot embrace the term “gay”, or the whole mainstream sexual identity demarcation project (just put me down as human please). As a Satanist, aside from my tattoos and the odd pentagram, I don’t fit the common image of a Satanist. I’d put love and decency very high on my list of valued things, contrary to the idea of Satanism as somewhat social Darwinist and overwhelmingly self-centred. But for me this is entirely natural, as Satanism is about determining your own values and ethics (without imposing them on others judgmentally), rather than having them determined by Satanism or anything else.

The “burn it all down” aspect of Satanism is important as a tool to free you from false moral restriction, but it is…

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Dark Reflections

My daughter has truly come of age this year; this is her take on the season.

Femme Diabolique

The autumn leaves are falling. It is a time of year when I don’t think you have to be a witch to appreciate the deep magic that nature is doing. You can smell it in the air. The leaves sinking and rotting… They are eaten by worms… Chewed up… Their atoms and molecules torn and rearranged. Winter comes, evrything seems dead and still…

And for centuries at Samhain the witches met, their naked feat dancing in the decay, their hands raised to the sky and they danced in the mist and in the firelight, at one with the dead and the night… The maidens, the mothers the crones, youth and age, birth and death, at one together…

And I am one of them, and I feel like writing poetry, putting some of that magic into words. Or spells… The magic of recent rituals is still in my heart and soul…

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Leading people into temptation?

I guess that by now, according to a lot of people, we are evil sinners beyond redemption. That’s okay, we don’t want redemption. We are content to be evil sinners. In fact we don’t do much that is either bad or wrong or even illegal by a lot of common standards. We don’t kill anybody. We don’t kill animals except for food and we try to buy meat from ethical places where the animals have been kept in good condition. We generally don’t hurt people or animals at all. We are generally kind and respectful to everybody we meet unless they give us good reason not to be. We obey the laws of the land about as much as most people do. We work hard. We pay our taxes. We are mindful and respectful of the environment. We recycle. But we are Satanists. We worship (according to our own definition) Satan; The Devil. We live by Satanic precepts. And these facts alone are enough to be deemed evil and beyond redemption  by many people. And I have realised that according to those sort of people our greatest sin may be that we make being Satanists seem quite okay. We are perhaps leading people who read our blogs “into temptation”.

Yes we are. Yes I am. I confess… I do aim to tempt people. I do see it as a duty and a bit of a mission to bring people to a different and more positive understanding of Satan and Satanism. I am happy when people I have reached in some way turn to Satanism. And it does happen. I have interested many people locally to join our coven. I have helped them to overcome their doubts and prejudices and I have felt satisfied when they fully commit to Sataniism. I have reached out to people on line who are just curious and lead them to become Satanists themselves. Indeed this theme is on my mind because such a thing occurred very recently. There is a new fully committed Satanist in the world who attributes at least part of her reason to my influence on her. It is quite a big responsibility and I’m not sure exactly what I should think about that.

But I don’t feel any guilt. What some people call temptation, I call discovery and enlightenment. I am a Satanist not because I think it is bad; but because I think it is good. I think it prompts us to use our intellect and to come to our own conclusions about what is right or wrong for ourselves. I think Satan weans us off passive acceptance of orthodox beliefs and helps us to think for ourselves. I don’t feel any shame for encouraging other people to do that.

But what if I am wrong? What if when I die I discover I signed up for the wrong side? Well I’m a grown up and a big girl. If I am wrong, I am wrong. I will take the consequences. I have chosen the road to hell. I don’t believe hell is remotely the way Christians portray it. I don’t think I believe in hell as a place at all (but that is a theme for another post). So yes, I have chosen this path, this way of life and if hell is the consequence, so be it. Well, that’s fine for me. But what happens if somebody else chooses this path partly because of me, and later they regret their decision. Should I feel bad about that?


Probably there were many individuals who influenced my decision to immerse myself in Satanism. Should I hold them responsible in the unlikely event that further down the line I decide that was a mistake? Of course not! We are intelligent creatures with the ability to think for ourselves. No matter who I listen to, no matter who influences me; my decisions are mine and mine alone. If I or others can’t accept that, then what is the point of having a mind or free will? Thus, no matter how I influence other people, their decisions are theirs alone.

Of course I am saying that from a Satanic perspective. We believe in the strength and power of our own will above all else. I will be honest. There is a grey area when it comes to dealing with those who are weak minded or weak willed. Many of us (probably most) voluntarily limit the power of our will when dealing with children or those who are easily confused or fooled due to physical or mental incapacity of some sort. But in general we do not limit our strengths in order not to overpower the weak. I put it like this; should all alcohol use be banned because some people are unable to handle it?

As a potential temptress (of the spiritual, philosophical or any other kind) the line I might be accused of crossing is a Satanic one. In general we are not at all evangelical. We don’t preach. We don’t proselytize. We think that those of “our kind” will tend to find Satanism in their own way. Fine, but there have to be things to find…

When I made what was indeed a big decision to turn away from the cultural norms and values I had been brought up with and seek something new and more real for me, there wasn’t that much to signpost me in the right direction. The few books and websites which I found invaluable, were only there because somebody had gone to the trouble to write them. So I have always felt an impulse to add to the useful stuff that genuine searchers may find useful… There are many intelligent and thoughtful people who read my stuff but don’t become Satanists. I have a lot of respect for those people. But if some do find what we write here to be one of the final turning points in their decision to become Satanists… Good. I can’t say I am not pleased.

So yes. We aim to confound and confront. We aim to make people question what they have assumed. We aim to tempt people to explore the Left Hand Path…

Take a bite of the apple. Knowledge is good. Knowledge is power. Go on, you know you want to!

Satanic Womanly Things…


Men of a nervous disposition should look away now. This post contains references to things that are Satanic, and more terrifyingly for some, things that happen to women’s bodies!


I’m in my fortieth year. I like to think I could pass for ten years younger. Cassie and I don’t hesitate to use our magical skills and knowledge to make the best of the bodies we live in. But still; the menopause will be upon me and us soon. It is part of life. Women are the ones who can incubate and nurture children within our bodies. This means that from our teens onwards we tend to be much more in touch with the inner workings of our bodies than men ever need to be. We bleed. We dance to the rhythm of hormones whose influence can be just as dramatic as any drug I have ever experimented with. Our bodies change shape. Our juices flow. And then things slow down and stop and more chaos can ensue.


I have been lucky. My periods have sometimes been a bit uncomfortable for all sorts of reasons but never excruciatingly painful or embarrassing in the way some girls and women have to endure. My pregnancy went smoothly although due to circumstances the actual birth was quite dramatic and painful. (Still, giving birth to Léonie was the best thing I have ever done). For most of my adult life I have been using birth control of various types but mainly “the pill”. I have not suffered any major complications as a result of using contraception, but you are always aware that you are introducing foreign chemicals to your body or strange twists of metal or plastic that resemble miniature instruments of torture.


Men might well be pleased that they can avoid some of these things, but actually I don’t really regret them. I like being in touch with my body. I like learning to control it. I like knowing that I am an animal made of flesh and blood. I like my hormones and the things they do to me… Okay, not always perhaps, but mostly… I can’t imagine being a man and not being aware of all the stuff going on beneath my skin.


So, soon that change which we call the menopause will come. Should I fear it? To be honest, until recently I did fear it a bit. I have known some women who suffered a lot of unpleasant symptoms for a long time while going through the menopause. Of course, I do not wish that on myself. But I think what I feared more was the idea of getting old… Of drying and shrivelling up… Of losing the bodily features that make me attractive to men and other women… Of losing my sexuality and my sex drive.


Satanism, and the lifestyle it has opened up to me, has helped to allay those fears to a large degree… For one thing it has brought me and Cassie into contact with a lot more women of our age and older, some of whom are going through that stage already. Some of them do experience some of the problems, discomfort and anxiety associated with this time of life. But more often I have seen not only an acceptance of the change but a celebration of it and the powers and wisdom that come with it. Moreover, in the kinky circles Cassie and I move in, many of these women seem to be more sexy, sexual and empowered than ever before. They have certainly taught Cassie and I a thing or two!


I think the fact that Satanism both acknowledges and celebrates the fact that human beings are themselves animals who are sometimes driven by base instincts, while at the same time doing away with the guilt that Christianity and many other religions associate with our primal nature is very helpful indeed. Not only because it enables us to incorporate our shadow side without guilt thus reducing the repression and feelings of unworthiness that many people have to live with;  but also because it connects us more strongly with our human nature and nature as a whole. We change as the seasons change… It is no accident that women’s menstrual cycles are often synchronised with the cycle of the moon. We are part of nature. We are part of the magic that makes the world and the universe work. We are natural witches and perhaps that is what more patriarchal men have often feared. We are powerful.


And we are just as powerful (perhaps more so) as Crones as we are as Mothers or Maidens…


While our coven is distinctly Satanic, we are heavily influenced by Pagan (particularly Wiccan) ideas and practices. So the motifs of the triple Goddess, the three aspects of the witch, (Maiden, Mother and Crone) resonate strongly with us. We believe that all women and all witches have different degrees of all three aspects within them at all times but that there are seasons of life in which particular aspects are naturally dominant. Now that my daughter is grown up, living independently and alone and fully enjoying the “Maiden” phase of life, I feel my own phase shifting away from that of “Mother” to that of “Crone”. I do not fear it. I relish the challenges, the knowledge and the power it will bring me. If I were not a Satanist I think I would approach this period of life with more anxiety.

There are many disadvantages of being a woman in the world today. In many places and parts of society women are still marginalised, disempowered, exploited or abused. In the industrialised west women have made more progress and are treated more equally but there is still a way to go. But in Paganism, Satanism and most of the traditions of witchcraft, women have long had a more equal and valued role. The fact that we cannot be divorced from the mess of blood and chemicals that make us the animals we are, has been seen as a positive and powerful link with the natural and magical realms.

Of course, men can be wise and powerful witches too, but I would argue this is mostly only true when they recognise and value the natural gifts of the female species rather than fear them.

As a Satanic mother, it gives me great pride and satisfaction to see my daughter (Léonie) blossom into an independent and intelligent young adult witch, fully embracing the powers of a Maiden and living by sensible satanic values. At the same time, it releases me to develop the Crone within me.

The magical cycle of life goes on.

can Satan really be your daddy?

A well written article with plenty of food for thought from a blog we follow.

Summer Thunder

My friend and fellow Satanist Sean at The Daily Satanist recently did a post about his experience and views on the different types of Satanism he has met. Beyond the distinction between atheistic and theistic, there are quite a few other divergences, especially among theists.

One of the distinctions is in the relationship to Satan. For some he is a paternalistic father figure. For some he is a Master to be pleased. For some he is the real Creator God. For others he is an archetype, and others still a being, a god in the polytheistic sense; either a god among gods, or the head of an effective pantheon of demons.

I myself fall into the polytheistic camp, but what of the other approaches? I think Satan as archetype is well dealt with just about everywhere, as it is compatible with the most well publicised, atheistic forms of Satanism.


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Day One…

This is not a particularly Satanistic post, more just a plug for my own blog. The power of being an editor here has gone to my head already! 😉

Femme Diabolique

I’m sitting in a cafe, finishing my breakfast with coffee and a few cigarettes. It’s all very relaxed. It all seems very “me”. It all seems normal. But in many ways it is just the first day of a new life.

I have been moving to Vienna all through the long and very hot summer. There were several trips. Some were with my boyfriend (or should I say ex-boyfriend)? Sad moment… Some were with my “Mothers” Sophie and Cassie… One was with my father. But now I am here alone in the cafe next to my appartment (I already know the names of the owners and waiter) starting a new life as a university student…

My appartment is nice. It is already quite well  furnished but there are a few more things on my shopping list and I haven’t really finished moving things around yet. My bed is cosy and…

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