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Men of a nervous disposition should look away now. This post contains references to things that are Satanic, and more terrifyingly for some, things that happen to women’s bodies!


I’m in my fortieth year. I like to think I could pass for ten years younger. Cassie and I don’t hesitate to use our magical skills and knowledge to make the best of the bodies we live in. But still; the menopause will be upon me and us soon. It is part of life. Women are the ones who can incubate and nurture children within our bodies. This means that from our teens onwards we tend to be much more in touch with the inner workings of our bodies than men ever need to be. We bleed. We dance to the rhythm of hormones whose influence can be just as dramatic as any drug I have ever experimented with. Our bodies change shape. Our juices flow. And then things slow down and stop and more chaos can ensue.


I have been lucky. My periods have sometimes been a bit uncomfortable for all sorts of reasons but never excruciatingly painful or embarrassing in the way some girls and women have to endure. My pregnancy went smoothly although due to circumstances the actual birth was quite dramatic and painful. (Still, giving birth to Léonie was the best thing I have ever done). For most of my adult life I have been using birth control of various types but mainly “the pill”. I have not suffered any major complications as a result of using contraception, but you are always aware that you are introducing foreign chemicals to your body or strange twists of metal or plastic that resemble miniature instruments of torture.


Men might well be pleased that they can avoid some of these things, but actually I don’t really regret them. I like being in touch with my body. I like learning to control it. I like knowing that I am an animal made of flesh and blood. I like my hormones and the things they do to me… Okay, not always perhaps, but mostly… I can’t imagine being a man and not being aware of all the stuff going on beneath my skin.


So, soon that change which we call the menopause will come. Should I fear it? To be honest, until recently I did fear it a bit. I have known some women who suffered a lot of unpleasant symptoms for a long time while going through the menopause. Of course, I do not wish that on myself. But I think what I feared more was the idea of getting old… Of drying and shrivelling up… Of losing the bodily features that make me attractive to men and other women… Of losing my sexuality and my sex drive.


Satanism, and the lifestyle it has opened up to me, has helped to allay those fears to a large degree… For one thing it has brought me and Cassie into contact with a lot more women of our age and older, some of whom are going through that stage already. Some of them do experience some of the problems, discomfort and anxiety associated with this time of life. But more often I have seen not only an acceptance of the change but a celebration of it and the powers and wisdom that come with it. Moreover, in the kinky circles Cassie and I move in, many of these women seem to be more sexy, sexual and empowered than ever before. They have certainly taught Cassie and I a thing or two!


I think the fact that Satanism both acknowledges and celebrates the fact that human beings are themselves animals who are sometimes driven by base instincts, while at the same time doing away with the guilt that Christianity and many other religions associate with our primal nature is very helpful indeed. Not only because it enables us to incorporate our shadow side without guilt thus reducing the repression and feelings of unworthiness that many people have to live with;  but also because it connects us more strongly with our human nature and nature as a whole. We change as the seasons change… It is no accident that women’s menstrual cycles are often synchronised with the cycle of the moon. We are part of nature. We are part of the magic that makes the world and the universe work. We are natural witches and perhaps that is what more patriarchal men have often feared. We are powerful.


And we are just as powerful (perhaps more so) as Crones as we are as Mothers or Maidens…


While our coven is distinctly Satanic, we are heavily influenced by Pagan (particularly Wiccan) ideas and practices. So the motifs of the triple Goddess, the three aspects of the witch, (Maiden, Mother and Crone) resonate strongly with us. We believe that all women and all witches have different degrees of all three aspects within them at all times but that there are seasons of life in which particular aspects are naturally dominant. Now that my daughter is grown up, living independently and alone and fully enjoying the “Maiden” phase of life, I feel my own phase shifting away from that of “Mother” to that of “Crone”. I do not fear it. I relish the challenges, the knowledge and the power it will bring me. If I were not a Satanist I think I would approach this period of life with more anxiety.

There are many disadvantages of being a woman in the world today. In many places and parts of society women are still marginalised, disempowered, exploited or abused. In the industrialised west women have made more progress and are treated more equally but there is still a way to go. But in Paganism, Satanism and most of the traditions of witchcraft, women have long had a more equal and valued role. The fact that we cannot be divorced from the mess of blood and chemicals that make us the animals we are, has been seen as a positive and powerful link with the natural and magical realms.

Of course, men can be wise and powerful witches too, but I would argue this is mostly only true when they recognise and value the natural gifts of the female species rather than fear them.

As a Satanic mother, it gives me great pride and satisfaction to see my daughter (Léonie) blossom into an independent and intelligent young adult witch, fully embracing the powers of a Maiden and living by sensible satanic values. At the same time, it releases me to develop the Crone within me.

The magical cycle of life goes on.


can Satan really be your daddy?

A well written article with plenty of food for thought from a blog we follow.

Summer Thunder

My friend and fellow Satanist Sean at The Daily Satanist recently did a post about his experience and views on the different types of Satanism he has met. Beyond the distinction between atheistic and theistic, there are quite a few other divergences, especially among theists.

One of the distinctions is in the relationship to Satan. For some he is a paternalistic father figure. For some he is a Master to be pleased. For some he is the real Creator God. For others he is an archetype, and others still a being, a god in the polytheistic sense; either a god among gods, or the head of an effective pantheon of demons.

I myself fall into the polytheistic camp, but what of the other approaches? I think Satan as archetype is well dealt with just about everywhere, as it is compatible with the most well publicised, atheistic forms of Satanism.


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Day One…

This is not a particularly Satanistic post, more just a plug for my own blog. The power of being an editor here has gone to my head already! 😉

Femme Diabolique

I’m sitting in a cafe, finishing my breakfast with coffee and a few cigarettes. It’s all very relaxed. It all seems very “me”. It all seems normal. But in many ways it is just the first day of a new life.

I have been moving to Vienna all through the long and very hot summer. There were several trips. Some were with my boyfriend (or should I say ex-boyfriend)? Sad moment… Some were with my “Mothers” Sophie and Cassie… One was with my father. But now I am here alone in the cafe next to my appartment (I already know the names of the owners and waiter) starting a new life as a university student…

My appartment is nice. It is already quite well  furnished but there are a few more things on my shopping list and I haven’t really finished moving things around yet. My bed is cosy and…

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Satanic Muses and Devil’s Advocates

The past 12 months have been a big year for the three of us. We have all been growing and changing and becoming more the people we want to be. As part of that evolution we have started some new blogs to express different aspects of ourselves and our beliefs. Some of those blogs might continue and some may not…

This blog has continued to enjoy a fair amount of traffic and we have decided to return to it as our main outlet. Our dynamic has changed a bit. We are now a family of three adult women who happen to be Satanists. Our basic beliefs are very similar, but we are women of different backgrounds, ages and tastes and each of us has a unique and equally valid viewpoint.

Aspects of our chosen lifestyles will make some people raise their eyebrows, while other aspects might be surprisingly mundane. In the blogs we have begun over the past year we have tried to be less apologetic and more adult in our writing. This was particularly the intention of our Satanic Muses blog. That trend will now continue in this blog. All three of us will continue to write about what Satanism means to us and how we live it; and in addition, we will write about anything else that interests us individually. We all travel frequently (especially me, Cassie) and we are now split between two main cities with myself and Sophie based in Zurich and Léonie based in Vienna.

We will continue to embrace chaos and order in whichever measures seem appropriate at the time.

We shall probably make some cosmetic changes here in the next few weeks to try and incorporate some of the features we have enjoyed in our other blogs.

Hello again!

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I made a decision to be “out” as a Satanist by the time I start uni. While at school I kept very quiet about it for the good of myself and my family, to avoid the misunderstandings and prejudices we have to put up with. But it shouldn’t have to be that way… I am not ashamed of being a Satanist and I guess I am beginning to understand more fully why my mother and Cassie thought it was important to be out and let people see we are normal people. But that is not what people think, and…

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We have received some criticism lately for writing more about the hedonistic and darker aspects of our beliefs. It is true that we have given those things more prominence recently. We are hedonists. Our left hand spiritual path is dark by many people’s standards. We are not ashamed of those things, we embrace them. And our next post will be more in that nature. But for balance we want to highlight other important aspects of our beliefs here; science, education and learning. The Satanic Mind is an inquiring mind, hungry for knowledge of all kinds and always eager to learn more. We have huge respect for science and the scientific method. We are skeptics. We think all things should be tested and nothing should be taken as true based on faith or superstition alone. We frequently test ourselves and our own beliefs.

Some people seem to believe that a life…

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Satanic Baptism; Tina-Léonie

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Satanic Muses

This is my post and my story. I am Léonie; formally known here and in other places on-line as Tina. This is where I begin really being myself and living my life as I choose. I recently celebrated my eighteenth birthday and my Satanic Baptism. I want to describe a little of what that involved, and how and why I have chosen this path. I will also consider where it is leading me.

Those of you who are familiar with this blog may already know something about me. I am the daughter of Sophie and Cassie who are quite well known in some circles for running a Satanic Coven in Switzerland. I have been under their protection and in some ways in their shadow for many years. It is time for me to come out on my own. One of the things I like about Satanism is that it empowers…

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